This agreement is between Asia Remote Jobs (New Day Jobs Pte. Ltd.) thereafter referred to as “Asia Remote Jobs” or ‘’Service Provider‘’, and the Client, referred to as ‘’The Client’’.

Terms of Business - General

Asia Remote Jobs is committed to maintaining a high level of service and efficiency. Asia Remote Jobs expects Clients to act promptly, reasonably and in good faith (including not applying any discriminatory standards or practices).

1. The Services

  • Service Provider hereby supports the Client to post on the portal
  • Service Provider will provide portal onboarding training to the Client, as well as account assistance as needed
  • Service Provider will automatically broadcast out postings to internal and external networks
  • Service Provider will provide candidate general ranking in the employer portal

2. Commercial Terms

Plan Rates

Asia Remote Jobs shall charge the following Fees applicable to the # of Postings purchased by the Client as provided, unless the Service Provider is providing a Free Trial for first time users.


The Free Trial posting package is valid for 3 months and contains no limit to total postings, but may not be more than 3 postings at any one time.

For other plans, Asia Remote Jobs provides 12 month validity for the client. Validity is from the date of signing. All other packages are valid for the earlier of 12 months from contract signing date, or when the credits (postings) are fully used.

3. Applicant Quality

  • The parameters of Service Provider’s matching algorithm shall be determined by Service Provider in its sole discretion and the Client shall not be entitled to request any changes to these parameters.
  • Service Provider will not bear any liability for loss or damage suffered by the Client, of any nature outside scope of filling the required recruitment needs.
  • Service Provider and the Client undertake in relation to any personal information provided by an Applicant, to comply with all laws enforced in accordance with Singaporean law.

Terms and Conditions of Business
1. Definitions

a) “Candidate” means anyone who is referred or about whom information is supplied to a Client. It includes someone who may have been known or referred to that Client before instructions are given or the introduction is made.

b) “Client” means the person or persons to whom an introduction is made and it includes anyone who asks Service Provider for an introduction, gives instructions, or interviews an Applicant on behalf of a Client.

c) “Engagement” means any contract under which (directly or indirectly) the Candidate agrees to provide services to or for the Client or at the Clients direction.

d) “Fee(s)” means the sum of the fee listed in Commercial Terms. The Fee is exclusive of any additional prevailing government tax, which must be paid by the Client at the prevailing rate.

e) “Losses” means any kind of loss, cost, expense, charge, damage, liability or claim whatsoever other than liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence.

2. Precedence of Terms

These Terms are paramount. They prevail over any other terms or conditions which may conflict with their provisions or, but for this term, may have been incorporated into any agreement between Service Provider and the Client.

3. Liability

  • Service Provider will use due care in servicing the Client. Beyond that, no other term or condition is to be implied concerning Service Provider’s services.
  • Service Provider, its subsidiaries, associates, staff and agents (for whom Service Provider acts for the purpose of this and the following provision) shall not be liable, on any basis, from any losses.
  • However, if, despite the previous provision, a Court determines that, for any reason and on any bas is, Service Provider or any of its subsidiaries, associates, staff or agents is liable to the Client for any losses, their aggregate liability shall be limited to the total amount of Fees paid by the Client to Service Provider for the specific placement on which the court has passed judgement.
  • Under no circumstances shall the Service Provider have any liability whatsoever to the Client for loss of profit, revenue, anticipated savings or bargain, loss or corruption of data or software or any indirect, special or consequential losses.

4. Payment of fee

  • The Fee(s), if applicable, become payable by the Client within 30 days of invoice processing.
  • Service Provider will calculate and invoice the Client for the Fee and for any other sum payable by the Client under these terms. Unless there is an obvious error in any calculation shown on any invoice, the invoiced sum will be final and binding as the sum due from the Client.
  • The Client must not make any deduction from, or assert or exercise any set-off, lien or other right or claim against the Fee.

5. General

  • This is the entire engagement between the parties. The agreement may not be cancelled and these terms may not be varied or their application or any breach of them waived other than by a document signed by a director or legal representative of Service Provider.
  • This posting offer is valid 6 months from signing, and then will no longer be valid.
  • In addition, and without prejudicing any of its other remedies, Service Provider may terminate the agreement between the parties with immediate effect if the Client breaches any of the terms.
  • If the agreement is cancelled or terminated because of material alteration to the instructions, the Client agrees to indemnify Service Provider against Losses incurred by it to that date or resulting from the cancellation or termination.
  • Service Provider shall not incur any liability to the Client for any Losses if the performance of Service Provider’s obligations is prevented or delayed by the acts or omissions of others or other events, which are beyond its reasonable control.

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