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Titan Power Plus
Titan Power Plus
( HR, Training & Recruitment )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail


We need an HR Assistant to help keep things running smoothly and primarily help achieve recruitment goals. Our Company is in the face of a big growth, and an HR Assistant will ensure the littlest of things do not fall into cracks. You will represent the Company to applicants and partners. In the process of marketing and selling our jobs to applicants by repeatedly promoting in social media, you will be the main propeller for traffic into our applicant pipeline. By doing this you direclty contribute to the success and growth of the Company

What will you be doing?

★ Research and draft job description (to be finalized by Hiring Manager

★ Post jobs in all job boards

★ Share GH link in social media (Linkedin, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) on a schedule, must have catchy caption

★ Ensure that at any given time, there's a healthy pipeline by encouraging applications

★ Grow personal Linkedin account by 50% a month

★ Screen out obviously disqualified candidates from the pipeline.

★ Send out calendly links to organize interviews, ensure all materials are provided to ensurethe meeting is successful

★ Send out initial instructions to candidates, following up on compliance

★ Send out documents for signatures, following up and ensure they get signed

★ Upload zoom recording in Loom and updating Greenhouse records

★ Sending NDA through DocuSign and following up and ensuring we get them back in a timely manner

★ Sending out test instructions

★ Monitoring submissions, uploading them to Loom or Google drive, and updating candidate records

★ Following up on test output submission

★ Monitoring candidate records and ensuring all job offeres are signed

★ Sending instructions to candidates to send in documents/information required

★ Scheduling appointments

What are we looking for?

  • Experience writing job descriptions - in at least 2 different industries/companies
  • Experience posting jobs in job boards - familiar in job boards and how different they are in terms of what kinds of applicants they capture
  • Familiarity with at least 2 major applicant tracking system
  • Some social media management, some copywriting
  • Recruitment sourcing experience with defined goals and a successful record of achieving them
  • Has done some recruitment in Linkedin, has a strategy to effectively grow Linkedin network
  • Above average intelligence
  • Appointment setting experience
  • Familiar with document signing applications, knows how they work, and have used them to request signatures.
  • Familiar with Loom
  • Tenacious chaser and relentless in following up on pending items
  • Experience in administering screening tests, understands what they are for, and can interpret them.
  • Preferrably has some Psych testing background.
  • Proficient with Google suite - can create forms, pivot tables, data validation, vlookup, use Add-ons and other functions in Google sheet.
  • Preferrably has had some experience creating elaborate network of
  • Google form - sheet - doc systems.

What's in it for you?

We have a dream of revolutionising the remote working lifestyle and are ready to throw you right into our awesome atmosphere! With fun team meetings, regular awards and sweet bonuses, this company invests our success straight back into you.

You'll be joining a fantastic team and an incredible culture that promotes excellence by giving you the rewards you deserve. If any of this sounds right for you and you're willing and ambitious to show off your full potential, apply now!

Why Titan Power Plus?

Titan Power Plus provides charging to over half a million ecstatic customers worldwide! We have continued to revolutionise the world of mobile charging by supplying our customers with a faster and infinitely more durable charging solution. With over 5 billion people requiring mobile chargers and a weak array of competitor charging products; we have quickly begun to dominate this industry, and we are growing at an alarming rate, having closed off our first year, turning over nearly $10 million.

It is now an exciting time as we are moving into our third year, and we are looking to expand and hire an elite selection of new team members to help us advance to new heights!

Our customers are an undying force of passionate supporters…

We have built an army of loyal fans who sing our brand's praises for providing unmatched quality and unbending faith in the personal and loving touch we provide through our outstanding customer service. This is reflected in our sea of thousands of 5-star reviews throughout every review platform from Trustpilot to Facebook.

Our team is our family...

We're stronger when we work together. Our willingness and desire to collaborate is our secret to success. We are breaking down the boundaries of the remote working environment, and we strive to create a new culture in this space. Intimacy and close communication can be lost in this industry, and it's often considered a lonely role when seas and mountains separate team members. We seek to break down these mountains by creating a strong, loyal bond and a family that we are sure you will not find anywhere else.

We welcome applications from all individuals from all backgrounds. If you share our values, we'll want to work with you to bring out your best self. Your future is ours as well, and we want to take you to new heights of success. We thrive when you grow, and we will ensure that you are constantly learning and growing with us!

Our mission...

We're here to have a positive impact on people and the planet for generations. We want to supply superior satisfaction and quality to our customers throughout the globe and become a household name we can be proud of. We strive to continue to connect with the world through our humorous and playful marketing styles. We aim to revolutionise the mobile accessories market and dominate this space with the most progressive tech and, in doing so, reduce common household waste by offering a long-lasting charging solution. With this success, we hope to better the world environmentally and by supporting our favourite charities and movements.

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