UE4 Specialist

( IT / Development )
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Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

Job Responsibilities:

You will be working on Subverse remotely with a small team of programmers under the supervision of the studio director and project managers. Communication is primarily facilitated through our Slack workroom, and daily logins are mandatory.

Meetings are held each week to assign tasks based on our game design documents and production schedule. Work on the game will be done in both C++ and visual scripting (Blueprints).

As production continues, you will be expected to collaborate with diagnosing problems and implementing solutions along with rigorous testing to ensure the success of the project.

Managing our source control by monitoring all push/pull activity and troubleshooting any issues will also be a regular task.

Required Skills:

Fluent English speaker with solid written and oral communication skills.

5+ years of experience working as a software engineer, Unreal developer or comparative role. Must provide evidence of at least one successfully shipped RPG title in your portfolio.

Demonstrate expertise with designing RPG battle systems (either turn-based or real time).

Extensive experience with Unreal Engine C++ design principles, including Unreal Engine C++ modules, classes, properties and objects. Must understand interoperability between C++ and Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.

Deep understanding of modern C with experience in multi-threading C design, synchronization primitives, mutex and semaphores, C++ event handling, event driven design patterns, Object Oriented Programming and inheritance/interfaces.

Experience with source controls such as Git (including Git LFS) and Perforce.

Proficient with analyzing game performance and executing optimization.


Technical understanding and development experience with TCP/IP sockets, JSON, REST and Websocket.

Passion for gaming with a deep understanding of RPG design and mechanics.

Experience with Microsoft Office, particularly Excel (formulas, pivot tables, data analysis).

Basic animation skills and understanding of rigging using Blender, Maya, or other similar software.

Flair for visual design, particularly when it comes to the science fiction genre.

To Apply:

Should you feel you are an ideal candidate for the position, you are welcome to apply by sending your CV

Please note your intention to apply in the subject line of your correspondence.

Initial interviews will be conducted via Skype. If you have any questions prior to the interview, you are welcome to include them in your initial expression of interest.

Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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