Spanish Linguist (United Kingdom)

( Other )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

Hiring: Spanish (Spain) Linguist

We are excited to invite you to our current linguistic opportunity!

Become a specialist on natural language generation and help build state-of-the-art AI systems. Your inputs will be used to develop better natural language understanding systems for English (Spain).


Native speaker of Spanish (Spain)

Master’s degree (or higher) in linguistics, preferably with a focus in phonetics and phonology;

Strong knowledge of phonetics and phonology; Keen awareness of regional pronunciation difference; competence in transcription using IPA and/or X-SAMPA;

Preferred qualifications:

Graduate level coursework in articulatory phonetics, speech science, or related fields;

academic or professional experience with speech synthesis/text-to-speech system development;

Where: United Kingdom: Remote

For more job info, kindly click the link below. You can also send your application there directly if interested.

Project link:

Please note that as part of your registration, you will be asked to take our short screening test and indicate your weekly availability and we will be in contact shortly with your results.

Looking forward in receiving your application!

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