Software Engineer (Blockchain + Javascript)

Circles Bali
Circles Bali
( IT / Development )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

We are a Bali-based team looking for a Software Engineer (Blockchain + Javascript) for Circles Bali, a Universal Basic Income on the Blockchain.


About Circles Bali

We are a startup with the mission to create a community-driven initiative that provides wealth to all participants, helping them meet their basic needs, and expand livelihood opportunities for all people in Bali. By joining the Circles Bali team, you will be contributing to the well-being of all Balinese in an unprecedented system to benefit the world. Here is the deck that overviews Circles Bali. We have also written a research report located HERE identifying the need for this solution in Bali, potential issues, and how this will be implemented. This is based off the technology from Circles Berlin which shares a similar vision.


Among the core team, we have founders who have built and sold multiple companies, as well as built successful developer communities. We are an international company, having people from Bali, USA, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia, France, Armenia, India and Poland, and working from all around the globe :)


We are strongly values driven. We believe that this provides the structure to scale our organization, innovate our technology and attract top talent as we strive to change the world towards a better future. These values apply to how we work and the philosophy of the solutions we create. People make the product!


We are hiring a Software Engineer to join our team to develop the Circles mobile and desktop application. We're looking for someone who loves creating applications that are robust, fast and easy to use and is excited to join a team of passionate and value-driven people to have a positive impact on society.

What you’ll do:

  • Build blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency wallet, including wallet core library and related functions
  • Integrate Circles Berlin codebase for features to build out Circles Bali application
  • Work together in a team to determine the architecture of the solutions that integrate the applications into our mobile/web clients
  • Be responsible for the quality and longevity of the code you produce
  • Respond to community feature requests and bug reports
  • Set your own priorities and manage your own timelines
  • Help make decisions in your team on how your team works together
  • Be a fun colleague and participate in activities we do together to connect as people


  • Good experience in front-end development with JavaScript and Swift, and some experience in statically typed languages, e.g. TypeScript
  • Growth mindset, e.g. if you don’t know TypeScript yet, be open to learn it
  • Good knowledge about characteristics of cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin or ETH) and crypto wallet, e.g. mintable token, smart contract, multi-signature, key derivation etc.
  • Experience in industry’s best practices: receive and provide code reviews, write documentation etc.


  • Experience with Flutter development
  • Experience in using crypto wallets
  • Experience in building crypto wallet for popular tokens
  • Knowledge/experience with smart contract, blockchain protocols
  • Knowing security primitives, e.g. encryption
  • Experience working in open-source communities
  • Strong preference for candidates based in European, Africa, Middle East, and Asian time zones.


We offer a creative, highly participatory environment without the classical top-down hierarchy. We value that each candidate brings their own unique mix of skills and experience. You will be directly benefiting Balinese people and providing a service that is unequivocally purposeful.

Bali is our center of operation and we support remote work as long as you are able to provide flexibility to have significant overlap within the Balinese timezone. We believe your life outside your professional commitments should be enjoyed, and time to rejuvenate is critical to thriving. That’s why we work flexibly during the month. You commit your time for a specific number of hours during a month and you can work during the times that are most productive for you.

We have several team meetings to learn from each other and see the whole product, but also to grow ourselves by giving and receiving feedback but also to give and receive appreciation.

Hope to see your application letter soon!


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