Senior Product Manager, Product Operations

( )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail
The mission of the GitLab product team is to consistently create products and experiences that customers love and value. To do this consistently, we strive to create a world class product system in which the extended product team can do the best work of their careers. GitLab is seeking a Senior Product Manager to manage the GitLab product development system as a product and evolve it into a world-class system that can scale rapidly with GitLab the company. The Senior Product Manager will be passionate about the product management discipline and understands the benefits of frameworks/processes and how to optimize them in a way that is effective in delivering value while efficient and as lightweight as possible. The Senior Product Manager will thrive at collaboration with product managers and various cross-functional team members as both customers and partners to better GitLab product development processes as well as GitLab's product offering itself with the initiatives they lead, support and implement.


Partner with the Group Manager, Product Operations to maintain a prioritized Product Operations backlog focused on the areas below:
  • Operationalize Outcome Driven Products
    • Identify opportunities to automate GitLab product managers' responsibilities and related tasks to help drive consistency and efficiency across product management as a whole
    • Improve the release post and release notes framework for Gitlab the company through process refinements and automation
    • Contribute to the definition and management of the GitLab product development flow
    • Recommend and implement optimizations to the product development timeline
  • Build Qualitative & Quantitive Feedback Loops
    • Help streamline intelligence as a whole between product management and its stable counterparts within GitLab the company through process/frameworks refinements and automation
    • Leverage automation to boost internal and external knowledge about GitLab's key product communications such as:
      • Updates to product Vision/Strategy, Section Direction and monthly kick-offs
      • Presentation and discoverability of release post and release notes
      • Design and build systems to better share knowledge and align product management and its stable counterparts such as Marketing, Support, Sales and Customer Support
      • Develop tools for collecting and aggregating larger volumes of customer and user feedback from GitLab issues
    • Support maintenance and automation of Product Operations owned surveys
    • Help create and maintain Product Operations related intelligence dashboards in Sisense and other tools as needed
  • Scale Product Knowledge
    • Help research, organize and recommend resources on product management best practices
    • Contribute content and training Learning & Development for Product Management to help up-level the skills of the product team
    • Maintain GitLab Learn for Product Management as a GitLab Learn Curator
    • Constantly improve the Product Handbook by working collaboratively across product management to update, improve and maintain it
    • Be the DRI of and expert on how to maintain and best leverage GitLab's various templates
  • 4+ years of experience in Product Management or related roles in software development such as engineering and UX and/or system design
  • Experience in customer-first product systems similar to GitLab's, especially important is familiarity with modern customer validation techniques
  • Experience supporting the rollout of frameworks/process updates for team of 100+
  • Deep knowledge of and demonstrated experience in change management
  • Technical skills and familiarity with Git and other tools:
    • Familiarity / Working knowledge with some scripting language (Python, Ruby, Javascript, etc; Ruby preferred)
    • Strong understanding of Git generally and in the context of GitLab (basic commits, branching, merging; rebasing and merge conflict resolution preferred)
    • Can use the GitLab application including issues and merge requests (ability to maintain, debug, and setup pipelines is preferred)
    • Comfortable with using the command line and command line applications (shell, git, homebrew, asdf or other version manager)
    • Comfortable with using a text editor of your choice (e.g., vim, emacs, VS Code, SublimeText, Textmate)
  • You are living wherever you want and are excited about the all remote lifestyle
  • You share our values , and work in accordance with those values
Other Helpful Experience
  • Experience in technical product management, project management or program mangement
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