Senior Golang Engineer
( Engineering & Technical (Non-Software) )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

We are an Asian fintech company that provides financial services to our users in the Philippines and Thailand. Our main product is an electronic payment service and e-wallet. Through our wallet, users can send money to anyone, pay for bills, receive money transfers from 200+ countries even without a bank account. 

The Backend Product team is looking for a Senior Golang Engineer. We develop new products, scale and maintain existing systems, and create meaningful user experiences. We are driven by taking ownership of projects so that it moves from design until production deployment, and see how it affects millions of our customers.


  • Work on projects that provide new ways for customers to use their funds in Coins wallet like loading beep cards used for public transportation in the Philippines;
  • Make the customers feel that their money is secure by keeping up with security improvements and requirements given by our Security team;
  • Work closely with stakeholders to provide a better-valued product to our customers;
  • Provide support and interact with business partners;
  • Continuously maintain and improve our working environment: maintaining and slowly migrating legacy components to newer ones like Python to Go services and Ansible to Helm;
  • Maintain product backend services, user account services, authentication, and security;
  • Liaise with the Web team to work on changes that have immediate web UI requirements, and also with the Integrations Backend team regarding client-facing public APIs.


  • Take full responsibility for building product objectives: from development until production deployment, that will affect millions of users;
  • Write Go/Python code that is clear, concise, performant, tested, and easily understood by others;
  • Ensure all code is covered by automated tests and that all features meet our quality checks before deployment;
  • Maintain and support core product team microservices written in Go and Python.


  • We are moving from Python to Go stack so we're trying to move away from our monolith legacy services and deconstruct that to small Go microservices;
  • Cleanup and deprecate legacy services;
  • Work on various projects that provide new use cases to customers;
  • Improve the experience of customers with our app by creating new and unique ways of revitalizing existing services.


  • Go and Python as main Programming Languages for the majority of backend services;
  • Terraform to manage AWS and treat Infrastructure as Code;
  • Helm as Package Manager for Kubernetes allows us to have a decent contract between Product Engineering and Site Reliability Engineer team;
  • Kubernetes is enhanced with Monitoring (Prometheus), vertical and horizontal pod auto-scaler, network security policies.


  • Work anywhere in a remote-friendly environment with a flexible schedule and extended vacation - if desired, it is possible to relocate to Manila and work there;
  • Friendly geo-distributed team of experienced professionals, who happily joined us after working in well-known IT/product companies and perspective startups;
  • Work and collaborate effectively with cross-functional compact teams which are constantly improving their tools, pipelines, and working environment;
  • Customer-driven development: we don't develop features without listening to our customers, each step makes the product more convenient, useful, secure, and reliable for our users;
  • Professional growth: we invest time and money in your career by sponsoring IT conferences, courses, and trainings;
  • Paid medical insurance including two family members, coworking rental, technical equipment at choice, and business trips to our Manila HQ;
  • Ever-open offices in Manila and Thailand, which you can visit at any time.


  • Hands-on experience with Go;
  • At least 3 years of commercial experience in designing, developing, testing, deploying and maintaining large scale applications in any language or stack;
  • Readiness to communicate independently with various stakeholders;


  • Knowledge of Python, Django, noSQL, and relational databases;
  • Experience as a team lead or project manager is a plus;
  • A well-maintained Github profile with samples of your prior work, relevant open-source commits, or other public work vetted by developers online is a big plus.
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