Risk Management Specialist

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Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail


1. Responsible for the establishment of business risk control system. Develop business to target users under reasonable risk control.

2. Optimize risk control strategy based on actual cases, accurately generate characteristics of high-risk users, drive the improvement and upgrade of product safety mechanisms, improve risk control model, and quantify the value of risk interception.

3. Build, update and optimize operation procedures and related rules by collaborating with cross-functional teams like risk management, product, tech-team, customer service, and corporate legal department.

4. Intelligence monitoring system construction: Conduct in-depth investigation on underground industry, establish effective monitoring methods, continuously detect scams and analyze security threats, offering risk warning for businesses.

5. Content operation and brand building: Use different approaches to build influence of risk control team and fiat security brand both internally and externally.


1. Bachelor degree or above, with work experience in risk control, anti-money laundering, anti-cheating, anti-fraud, security, and related fields, familiar with the operation mode of the underground industry and various cheating methods are preferred.

2. Be sensitive to data, be able to accurately describe and identify cheating characteristics, be good at discovering valuable points from a large amount of information.

3. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good at teamwork, and thrive in a learning-intensive environment.

4. Both English and Chinese are required as working languages.

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