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Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

Our clients are ambitious, high-impact CEOs, founders, and execs. They have started 100+ companies, raised billions in venture capital, taken companies public, worked in the White House, invested in Facebook/Uber/ Airbnb, run professional sports teams, Governor of US states, and compete in Ironman races and the World Series of Poker.

They’ve joined Athena to get more leverage, more impact, more success, and more time via their relationship with their top 1% Philippines-based Executive Assistant. They are world-class humans who want to get world-class at delegation.

The Onboarding Coach primes new EAs by perfecting first impressions, verbal and non-verbal communications, and virtual meeting performance, ultimately helping EAs feel their most confident when meeting their new client.

High-level Responsibilities

  • Coaching: Provide the resources, authority, training, and support necessary for Philippines-based EAs to deliver consistent high performance. Direct our EAs to work on areas for improvement and reinforce strengths to sustain the EA's progress.
  • Assess Program Success: Monitor project quality and effectiveness, intervening when there are performance/ quality issues.
  • Written Communications Guidance: Advise ESL-EAs on their written communications to match better the vernacular of our Silicon Valley and Wall Street clients.

Specific Responsibilities

You will help prepare our EAs and build their confidence in working with their clients, and setting them up for success in the long term:


EA Rehearsal Meetings:

  • Provide an environment for EAs to demonstrate their skills, acting as their new client.
  • Allow EAs to practice walking through their personalized, client-specific onboarding plan (a.k.a. 10x Launch Plan)

Deliver personalized coaching:

  • Share immediate feedback with the EA after their rehearsal meeting. Synthesize feedback from other training team members to boost the EAs' confidence and improve meeting performance.
  • Help mold EAs by teaching relevant skills, tactics, and techniques.

Assessments for Continuous Improvement: Are we setting our EAs up for success?

Evaluate the program success:

  • Sync with other coaches and training team members, collect & collate data-driven processes and real EA-client outcomes.
  • Follow up on coaching sessions and batch summaries in a timely manner.

EA Feedback & your personal assessments: Collaborate with EA Support Team and Training Team members and communicate EAs' skill gaps to optimize our training and recruitment processes.

  • Recruitment - Share feedback with Recruitment Team so they can reassess sourcing and hiring strategies.
  • Training - Share feedback with Training Team to identify the EAs' training needs and develop effective training programs accordingly.

Written communications support, as needed:

  • Help assess and provide feedback on written communications as needed.

About You

You are an excellent communicator.

  • Your caring feedback is always actionable.
  • You have good listening skills, and you listen without judgment.
  • You are comfortable meeting new people and being on video.
  • Your interpersonal communication will impress even the company co-founders.)
  • You synthesize and deliver specific and supportive verbal and written feedback (positive and negative), helping EAs learn how to ask the right questions and promote client delegation.

You thrive on improving others.

  • You are passionate about developing people and getting the best out of them.
  • You keep your expectations and timelines clear with your team and the EAs.
  • You can easily empathize with our EAs and understand their challenges/difficulties with certain tasks.

You have experience with U.S.-based companies.

  • You have worked for or are deeply familiar with U.S.-based companies, the startup world, and established Fortune 100 corporations.
  • You understand the perspective and needs of our clients, who are fast-paced execs ranging from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond.

You love the remote-first culture we're building.

  • You are positive, fun, and someone we're excited to work with
  • You are digital-savvy with modern project management and online tools, curious and adaptable with scrappy digital programs (examples of tools you're familiar with: Asana, Notion, Slack, GSuite, Airtable, Salesforce, Affinity, Calendly, WhatsApp, Password managers, etc.)
  • You're a self-starter and independently motivated; you hold yourself accountable for your own goals and are strong at working across teams.
  • You're flexible and excited to work across roles if needed (we're a startup; we wear many hats).

You have a continuous improvement mindset.

  • You don't rest on your laurels when things are going well. You are always looking for opportunities for improvement—and acting on those opportunities.
  • You maintain high-quality standards. You ensure that our EAs consistently provide A+ service and develop into world-class talent.

You have great organizational skills.

  • You are highly organized. You collate and analyze data/information rigorously, and your coaching sessions are clear and focused.
  • You follow up in a timely manner and take responsibility for EA's client meeting success.

You are collaborative.

  • You can successfully work with others toward a common goal.
  • You help identify the problems or weak areas in our processes and guidelines around EA Support & EA Training and develop ways to target those issues in collaboration with other teams.

Bonus: You have VIP hospitality experience

  • Ideally, you have experience with high-end hospitality.
  • If no experience, at least you understand and have a taste for VIP experiences.
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