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Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail


 Section One:                   Job Title and Specific Details

 Job Title

Junior Python Developer

Reporting To

Lead Software Developer & Head of Trading and Research


Dubai, UAE

Date Reviewed

22 November 2021

 Section Two:                     Role Overview 

The junior software developer role will assist both our lead software developer and the Head of Trading and Research through building software solutions that leverage sophisticated statistical and machine learning models using cutting edge technologies to solve the complex dynamic system that is digital asset markets. As a start-up, the role will be diverse, also requiring technology support on cloud infrastructure, ETL pipeline development, as well as portfolio and risk analytics. We are looking for a strong software developer with experience in any of the following data science, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, data engineering and cryptocurrency.

 Section Three:                Role Responsibilities 

●     Working both individually and as part of a larger team to deliver high quality software solutions

●     Assist in development and deployment high-performance software solutions across trading applications

●     Assist in development and deployment of new risk analytics, portfolio and pricing models

●     Building APIs and interfacing our systems with 3rd party cryptocurrency software

●     Develop & maintain cloud infrastructure that accelerates & enables the systematic investment process

●     Integrate with cloud infrastructure providers to tackle storage and compute challenges across large datasets and parallel computations

●     Build ETL pipelines to support rapid data ingestion to be used for research and signal generation

●     Develop and configure intuitive data dashboards for our data analysts

●     Build unit tests and promoting continuous improvement throughout every stage of development

●     Continuous learning on technical and quantitative skills

●     Learn and support on trading tasks and analysis as required

 Section Four:                 Role Requirements 

●     Passion for technology, software development, and mathematics

●     Excellent proficiency in Python coding, deploying, and maintaining in a production environment

●     Experience in either data analytics or ETL data pipeline development with Python

●     Exceptional quantitative and analytical skills

●     Ability to learn from mistakes and continuously improve

 Section Five:                   Qualifications and Experiences 


●   Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, mathematics, or engineering


●   2+ years’ experience as a Python Developer

Essential Skills

●   Strong proficiency with Python

●   Proficient with a range of open-source frameworks and development tools e.g. NumPy/SciPy/Pandas, Sklearn, Spark, Jupyter, Dask, Plotly/Dash

●   Experience and passion for data science and statistical modelling skills, utilising a range of techniques

●   Understand how to use Git or similar version control solutions

●   Experience with Cloud platforms and operating systems (AWS and Linux)

●   Proven understanding of math and statistics

Additional Skills

●   Business English is essential for this role (both written and verbal)

●   An entrepreneurial, hardworking, self-starter with initiative and a desire to keep improving every day

●   Decisiveness with the ability to process complicated information quickly and accurately under pressure

Desirable Skills

●   Knowledge of crypto markets and interest in NFT gaming is a big plus

●   Proficiency in C++/Java/Rust or R

●   Experience with Distributed Computing, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Platform Development, Networking or System Design.

●   Experience in any SQL language, REST & Websocket API, UNIX command-line, data orchestration software such as Airflow, Prefect, or Dagster and development of ETL processes.

●   Familiarity with business intelligence tools and visualization dashboards such as PowerBI, Tableau, Amazon Data Insights, Grafana or Plotly/Dash.

●   Familiarity with build automation, agile development, code review, QA and CI/CD processes and best practices.

Section Six:                 Compensation / Benefits 

●     Competitive salary based on experience and ability

●     A working environment where excellence and continuous learning is encouraged and innovation is rewarded

●     Annual team retreat with colleagues around the world

Section Seven:                 Company details

 Paratus is a private proprietary trading and investment firm trading digital assets. 

Founded by senior executives with a passion for innovation, it bridges the knowledge of traditional centralized finance into decentralized crypto trading and investing. Paratus deploys its capital into three core streams for optimal allocation and diverse risk adjusted returns: Quantitative trading & market making, directional & venture capital and finally yield strategies.

 It operates out of Dubai UAE, a country at the forefront of digital asset adoption.

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