Junior Software Engineer

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Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

Queues and congestion are two of the biggest problems in retail. In fact, retailers in the EU lose up to 12BN euros every year because of missed sales due to queues, and with staff shortages increasing and people's patience in queuing decreasing, this problem is expected to become much worse. ShopMe is a platform that helps retailers automate the most painful part of the shopping process: the checkout. After downloading our app, shoppers can scan the barcode of the items that they want to buy, pay directly through the app, and skip the line.

We launched ShopMe in Mid-October at the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands (live in 1 retaliler with 3-4 more retailers in the pipeline to join by end of Q2 2022) and we've been growing on average 200% WoW since. Early response to the app has been fantastic but there is a lot more that needs to be done. ShopMe is looking for Junior Software Engineering developers that can help make our platform more enterprise ready by improving on the end user app as well as help in developing our robust back-office/purchase data management platform.

What You'll Do In the Role

  • The main responsibility is simple: Develop and push production ready code with minimal iterations
  • We love problem solvers and engineers that can point out things that can be improved. Therefore, you must be able to spot problems, suggest optimization opportunities, and identify edge cases
  • On top of that, you're also expected to assist the founders in running experiments with real users. This means that you won't just be developing features and deploying it; you'll actually get to see if/how users interact with it!

What Do You Need to Have

  • We're looking for people that can code. You can show proof of this through side projects, school projects, participation in coding competitions, and similar activities.
  • Passion for building products, solving problems and learning things.
  • Experience with any of the most common programming languages (Java, JavaScript, C++, Rust, Go, etc).
  • Exposure to cross-platform mobile development (e.g. React Native, Flutter) is a big plus but not strictly required.

What You'll Get Out of It

  • Hands on experience with a growing startup where you'll get direct contact with end users, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Get direct mentorship and hands-on guidance from two senior software engineers (ex-FANG) who will teach you the best practices on software engineering. You'll come out of this job with more knowledge and experience (not just in terms of coding) compared to joining a corporate
  • This job is paid and remote (preference will be given to candidate in CET/CEST timezone but we are happy to work with you wherever you are!)
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