Junior QA Tester

( Quality Assurance )
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Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

CrewBloom is looking for a QA Tester also known as quality assurance technicians or software quality assurance engineers, QA testers are primarily responsible for checking new software products, such as those for gaming systems or mobile applications, for defects or issues. QA testers run various tests on software to ensure it meets all standards and guidelines and is ready to be marketed to consumers. They identify issues and run debugging programs as needed. QA testers also generate reports, work with software developers to correct issues, and upgrade databases as required.

Job Responsibilities

  • Run various tests on new software products to ensure that programs satisfy all specifications and requirements.
  • Identify any problems and run debugging programs to fix issues.
  • Once issues have been resolved, QA testers run additional tests before products are issued for sale to consumers.
  • Record all defect details, creating and distributing reports outlining the types of defects found and the steps taken to resolve these issues.
  • Maintaining documentation, such as changelogs, regarding software and application defects helps QA testers recognize similar problems in the future and to provide quick resolution.
  • Apply their knowledge early in the software development process.
  • They work closely with developers to recognize the potential for any operational issues, assess risks, and resolve issues before the new software is complete.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Proven experience as a QA Tester or similar role.
  • API & UI Testing
  • Familiarity with Agile frameworks and regression testing is a plus
  • Ability to document and troubleshoot errors
  • Strong analytical, organizational, problem-solving, and written communication skills
  • Detail-oriented, self-motivated individuals who can work closely with teams of designers, engineers, and other related personnel while also being able to work independently as needed.
  • display good judgment and be able decision-makers capable of exercising strong time management skills.

System Requirements

  • At least 15mbps main internet and at least 10mbps for backup
  • A desktop or laptop that has an i5 processor with at least 4 GB RAM and an i3 processor for backup
  • Note: Back-ups should still be able to function when there is a power interruption
  • A webcam
  • Noise-canceling USB Headset
  • Quiet, Dedicated Home Office
  • Smartphone

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