Java Developer

Xurpas Enterprise
Xurpas Enterprise
( IT / Development )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail


Job Description

• Develops web or android application including the user interfaces and web

applications for remote robot monitoring and more.

• Create automated data pipeline design documentation, Source-to-Target

spreadsheets, and technical

• Design specifications

• Provides technical expertise, troubleshoots, guides and supports during design,

development, testing,

• Production and post-production

• Understand the source system, capture and document business rules

• Analyze and propose changes to maximize code reusability and maintaining

business value

• Develop, implement and maintain highly efficient and scalable automated data

pipeline processes.

• Provides expert technical knowledge and solutions pertaining to Data integration.

• Identify opportunities to optimize the automated data pipeline including

environment setup, implement

• Monitoring, quality and validation processes to ensure data accuracy and integrity.


• Commit to desired outcomes … define desired outcomes and achieve them


• Challenge assumptions … to ensure great outcomes

• Prudent optimism … glass-half-full, with a dose of caution to challenge our



• Responsibilities/Outcomes Focus: Targets and achieves results, sets challenging

goals, prioritizes tasks, overcomes obstacles, accepts accountability, sets team

standards and responsibilities, provides leadership/motivation.

• Creativity/Innovation: Generates new ideas, challenges the status quo, takes risks,

supports change, encourages innovation, solves problems creatively.

• Adaptability/Flexibility: Adapts to change, is open to new ideas, takes on new

responsibilities, handles pressure, adjusts plans to meet changing needs.

Required Experience

• Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or

equivalent experience)

• 5+ years of experience Java development and deployment of production web


• Advanced front-end development skills with JavaScript with some of the major

frameworks (React, Angular, Vue etc.)

• Advanced backend development skills

• Advanced experience with databases

• Experience deploying web applications in containers (Docker, Docker Compose,

Kubernetes, Helm etc.)

• Experience with networking and cloud-based services (AWS, Google Cloud,

Azure, etc.)

• Experience with continuous integration and deployment aka CI/CD (Jenkins,

Travis, GitHub Actions etc.)

• Experience with version control with Git

• Experience developing, debugging, and maintaining production-quality code.

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