Instructional Designer

( Design (IT / Graphic) )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

High-level Responsibilities

  • Instructional Design: Responsible for seeking out performance gaps that can be addressed by learning interventions. Takes the lead in designing and developing learning solutions that equip EAs with skills to power possibilities through transformative delegation.
  • LMS Administration: Ensure that the LMS adheres to a high standard of user experience. Make Athena a trailblazer by turning learning technology into a way of life and not simply a compliance tool.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Solution Architecture: Design, describe, and manage solutions in relation to specific business problems that require learning interventions.
  • Project Management: Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan for high-impact projects at Athena. Maximize team effectiveness by coordinating cross-functional teams and delegating tasks and timelines best suited to complete them.
  • Analysis: Conduct TNAs to determine what type of learning intervention is required when faced with organizational issues.
  • Design: Create a design document based on TNA findings. Designs must follow adult learning principles
  • Development: Create learning materials as described in design documents. Develop materials in line with Athena branding using the latest trends in learning technology
  • Implementation: Conduct train-the-trainer sessions, facilitate learning sessions as needed, serve as administrator of the LMS once self-paced courses and simulations have been deployed
  • Evaluation: Use Kirkpatrick’s Levels of evaluation in measuring the effectiveness of learning interventions implemented

About you

  • At least 5 years experience in LMS Platforms (Moodle, Absorb, etc)
  • At least 5 years experience designing both Virtual ILT and self-paced courses
  • Must be willing to work on shifting schedules.
  • You are an educator at heart.
  • You consider teaching and training others as your life's mission
  • You step up and educate others whenever you see an opportunity
  • You are an active learner.
  • You are thirsty for new knowledge
  • You never stop looking for ways to develop what you already know
  • You are a tech-junky.
  • You have extensive experience in both software and hardware tools that complement your instructional design toolbox
  • You are not afraid to experiment with the latest trends in learning technology
  • You are a problem-seeker.
  • You break the passive "order-taker" content developer stereotype. You come to where the action is and see for yourself what problems need to be solved
  • You are a strategic partner of stakeholders. You do not simply carry out requests, you assess requests and provide appropriate recommendations using your years of expertise in learning technology
  • You are a leader.
  • You are passionate about driving high-impact projects to completion.
  • You keep your expectations clear and hold project team members accountable for the project tasks they are responsible for.
  • You are an excellent communicator.
  • You have good written and verbal communication skills and comfortable working with multiple stakeholders
  • You deliver specific and well-defined feedback that moves the project goals forward (positive or negative).
  • You have a continuous improvement mindset.
  • You don't rest on your laurels when things are going well. You are always looking for opportunities for improvement—and acting on those opportunities.
  • You maintain high-quality standards so you ensure that project team members consistently provide high-quality outputs.
  • You have great organizational skills.
  • You are highly organized. You collate and analyze data/information rigorously, and you keep all projects aligned with our goals.
  • You follow up in a timely manner and keep track of the project's progress.
  • You are collaborative.
  • You can successfully work with cross-functional stakeholders toward a common goal.
  • You help identify the problems or weak areas in the project and develop ways to target those issues in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • You love the remote-first culture we're building.
  • You are positive, fun, and someone we're excited to work with.
  • You can work independently but are also strong at working across teams.
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