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Genashtim Innovative Learning
( )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

Founded in 2004, Genashtim is a for-profit social enterprise. By leveraging technology and the internet, we have forged a virtual employment ecosystem that enables members of the marginalized communities, may it be persons with disabilities (physical and mental), LGBTQ+, refugees, senior citizens, minorities and other underserved communities, to collaborate & build a world-class organization, delivering remote back end support and digital learning services globally.

Genashtim is currently looking for a competent individual who will perform the role of INSTRUCTIONAL CORPORATE E-LEARNING COURSE DESIGNER.


1) Plans, designs instructional design projects and manages overall projects to ensure a global standard training experience that directly impacts learner's success in a corporate environment.

2) Promote collaboration, partnership and relationships among the project teams and stakeholders in a design project.

3) Consults, analyzes, and develops highly engaging and interactive learning & development solutions.

4) Applies basic to advanced adult learning theories into practical application.

5) Develops comprehensive measurement strategies for all learning solutions to demonstrate business impact and effectiveness.

6) Effectively communicates in visual, oral, and written form from concept, storyboard design and impactful learning closure and design learning that reflects an understanding of the diversity of learners, including the demonstrated understanding of cultural & learners' differences that may apply.

As an Instructional Corporate eLearning Course Designer, you will need to have the following qualifications:

1) Experience in designing, developing, and delivering emerging learning solutions including game-based learning, video, micro-learning, simulations, and immersive scenarios requiring multiple branching elements, preferred.

2) Basic proficiency background on corporate/ business industry standard design and authoring software (Adobe Creative Suite, Storyline, Captivate, Moodle and Articulate360 )

3) Good background on project management skills to achieve design target timelines.

4) Strong oral and written English communications skills with a creative eye for details.

Applicants who are classified as persons with disabilities, whether physical or mental (PWDs), members of the LGBTQ+, refugee, senior citizens, retirees and other members of the minority communities will be preferred but will not be required.

Compensation package range is USD700 to USD800 per month on fulltime, depending on qualification and experience.

For this position to be able to work 100% remotely, mandatory PC specifications must be adhered for your application to be fully processed. Genashtim may require you to submit these proofs of specifications and Genashtim reserves the right to conduct audit prior onboarding.

o Stable wired internet connection with a minimum of 5mbps for download speed & 3mbps upload, with a ping of not higher than 80ms.

o Properly functioning PC (laptop/desktop) Minimum specifications of: o Processor comparable to Intel® i5 or higher; o 8GB of RAM; o 500GB SSD/ HDD or higher

o Data enabled smart phone with minimum specifications of: o Android 5 or IOS 9; o Ability to install WhatsApp instant messaging application; o Mobile data and power back-up is a must;

o Minimum software requirements that may be installed to either or both to PC and/or smart phone include: o Licensed Windows® 10 64bit operating system; o Licensed Microsoft® Office 2013 or higher with PowerPoint, Excel and Word (cloud/online or hard disk-based installation); o MS Teams or Instant Messaging (IM) applications such as: WhatsApp, Vibr, Line, Skype or any other designated IM tools; o People with Disabilities (PWD) assisted applications should be duly licensed.

If you have what it takes to take on this exciting and challenging career opportunity, apply now.

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