Global Volume Recruitment Manager

411 Locals
411 Locals
( HR, Training & Recruitment )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

The Volume Recruitment Manager will have responsibility for the oversight and day to day management of the Volume Recruitment teams for all associated companies located globally.


• Log and assign resources to new job orders

• Track and report on fill rates; through-put; cost per hire; recruiter productivity; quality of hire and Hiring Manager interview feedback

• Day to Day management of volume recruitment team including but not limited to:

o Productivity

o Time Keeping

o Payroll Tracking

o Performance Management

o Monthly Bonus Calculations

o Coaching and Development of volume recruiters

• Partner with PMO and Operations to plan new hire job order requests

• Analyze data to create project plans prioritizing ROI in all recruitment activities

• Manage all job vacancy postings and associated budgets for volume recruitment

• Manage and optimize Facebook Lead Generation advertising in partnership with internal marketing team

• Management of Bitrix for Job Order and Recruitment workflows

Minimum Requirements:

• 3 years in global high volume Recruitment Manager role

• Ability to communicate effectively across geographical regions.

• Ability to quickly solve problems.

• A positive, upbeat attitude

• Great organizational skills

• Proficiency in Google Suite

• Expert collaborator

Common Responsibilities include:

Get It Done, Deliver Results, Own It!

● Achieve results for the business and for customers.

● Be accountable and action oriented.

● Take ownership for identifying and creatively solving problems.

● Know your numbers and manage them daily.

Directly Communicate, Fiercely Collaborate

● Get to the point - be professional, direct, and efficient.

● Lead with facts, actions, and solutions - not opinions and excuses

● Work together to quickly, efficiently, and effectively solve issues and improve the business.

● Passionately debate ideas to get to the best outcome and then once a decision has been made move forward together to make it successful as a cross-functional team.

● Be open, transparent, and inclusive with both successes and challenges.

Innovate Always and in All Ways

● Entrepreneurial to our core

● Always be looking for new business opportunities and new ways to serve our customers.

● Never satisfied with how things are currently and always look to make improvements.

● Motivated by creating something from nothing or designing a new way to do something.

Domain Experts, Company Experts

● Hunger for knowledge, personal growth, and passion for learning

● Leverage existing true functional expertise and develop new functional expertise.

● Develop a profound understanding of the company, internal and external customers, and

markets to successfully apply domain expertise.

Growth: Customers, Company, People

● Have a growth mindset for our customers, the company and ourselves.

● Personal and people development plus building high performance teams are the foundation for future growth.

● Plan and organize exponential growth, The world is too big for thinking small.

● Profitable growth through diversification in products and channels for future stability

● Approach each decision and each obstacle encountered with a focus on creating win, win, win outcomes for our customers, the company, and ourselves. “Everybody wins.”

Work Conditions

● Remote working is acceptable for this position.

● Currently the Remote working model in place and based on management decision travel requirements will be updated.

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