Dev/Systems Engineer

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Jobs via eFinancialCareers
( IT / Development )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

About The Role

About the Role

The Alliance Cloud cluster is looking for highly skilled and motivated candidate to join the Network Interface Controller squad (based in KL). As an Developer/System Engineer, you will be part of a dynamic team of professionals using up-to-date technologies and applying agile software developments practices. Under guidance of a senior role, you will participate in building and/or evolving software components of medium to high complexity from end to end. Given the mission critical nature of our business, strong emphasis is placed on quality, security, availability, resiliency, scalability, performance, and system resources consumption. It is expected that suitable candidates adhere to a structured development approach and will actively contribute to delivering highest quality software.

Key Responsibilities

As a Developer/System Engineer (or Associate), you will be part of a dynamic team of professionals using up-to-date technologies and applying agile software developments and delivery practices.

You will actively participate in the whole cycle of development of new user stories: requirements review, solution design, implementation, testing plan and development testing.

Understanding problems, solutions and ensuring the overall consistency of the software will be one of your primary objectives.

You will share team commitments and own some parts of those solutions.

You will perform software delivery tasks (builds, installation of release on test environments, etc).

Our solution can always get better! You will take any opportunity to improve the way we work, the tools we use and the software we produce.

Competency Profile

  • Takes Accountab. for Delivering Results Makes choices and decisions based on established practices and precedents; delivers results by overcoming a range of obstacles and issues and where timing may be critical.
  • Demonstrates Operational Excellence Delivers work to agreed specifications of timeliness and quality; seeks to improve ways of doing things; sets and meets high standards for own work; demonstrates commitment to security policy
  • Expands knowledge Continually extends specialist knowledge as a means of anticipating and preparing for changes in the business; uses a variety of methods and opportunities to learn and to exchange knowledge; encourages and facilitates development of others.
  • Bus Understanding and Commercial Sense Applies understanding of how own division adds value to the business; uses knowledge of financial and business principles to deliver cost-effective solutions; adapts quickly to changes in the market, the industry and the organisation while upholding standards.
  • Builds and reinforces cust relationships Strengthens relationships by taking every opportunity to listen and respond to customers and adapt solutions to meet their needs; demonstrates and encourages customer focus in all relationships and activities.
  • Leads with a team focus Initiates effective co-operation and team working with others; provides support to new team members; appreciates style and background differences; demonstrates commitment to SWIFT values.
  • Communicates effectively Communicates effectively across a range of practical and operational issues; adjusts personal communication style to fit intended audience; listens to and respects other people's points of view.

What to expect?

  • You will design, develop, test, install and support programs/systems in line with agreed requirements.
  • You will assist with the analysis of requirements and the development of recommendations as to the systems approach to follow.
  • You will prepare specifications, codes, tests, deliverables, acceptance criteria, time frames, and etc.
  • You will prepare and study the technical feasibility and estimates of the proposed systems solutions.
  • You will analyze the problems, develop and propose solutions to more senior team members.
  • You will provide technical assistance to other SWIFT colleagues and provide guidance to more junior team members in their daily work.
  • You will develop and maintain technical documentation and prepare and give presentations to customers on systems.
  • You will provide timing/scheduling estimates to project lead and propose corrective actions to timelines when necessary.

What will make you successful?

  • University degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 2 to 5 years of working experience in systems development
  • Have strong and solid experience in Java programming language
  • Quality-oriented: you know that delivering production-ready software takes more than committing code.
  • Agile Mindset: You like to learn and continuously improve the way we work
  • Appetite for the business: you like technology and you love to use it to create solutions to help your customers.
  • Team-oriented: you take pride from team achievements and are ready to support and be supported by your team-mates.
  • Very good communication skills, including remote meeting setups.
  • Curious, eager to learn and to educate others.


  • Java: Excellent
  • JUnit Testing: Excellent
  • Microservice: Basic Understanding
  • Kafka/REST API: Basic Understanding
  • JPA/SQL: Good
  • Docker/CICD/DevOps: Good
  • Test automation: Good
  • Unix/Linux: Intermediate
  • English: Excellent

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