Customer Experience Manager

( Customer Service )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail


Our clients are ambitious, high-impact CEOs, founders, and execs. They have started 100+ companies, raised billions in venture capital, taken companies public, worked in the White House, invested in Facebook/Uber/ Airbnb, run professional sports teams, were Governors of US states, and competed in Ironman races and the World Series of Poker.

They’ve joined Athena to get more leverage, more impact, more success, and more time via their relationship with their top 1% Philippines-based Executive Assistant. They are world-class humans who want to get world-class at delegation.

The Client Experience Manager will own bringing new clients on board, and building sustainable and continuous relationships with them. You build relationships that contribute to Athena's growth by working closely with our clients and often acting as the main point of communication between them and Athena.

High-level Responsibilities

  • Onboarding new clients: Create a positive onboarding experience for our clients by having a solid handle on the clients' goals, challenges, and priorities, and making them understand how Athena can support them in their delegation needs in a discovery call.
  • Managing current clients: Maintain and nurture current relationships with our clients.
  • Driving Innovation: Drive innovation in the larger team by providing feedback on where clients/EAs are succeeding and where they aren't. You liaise with different departments to brainstorm ideas around EA quality and real value initiatives for our clients.

Specific Projects

You will test, build, and optimize these initiatives:

Onboarding: How do we make our clients feel excited about unlocking their delegation skills, and help set them up for success?

  • Deeply understand client needs and preferences, and use these data points to drive the matching process and the creation of a comprehensive and effective onboarding plan.
  • Set the right expectations, and help the clients understand what Athena can do for them.

Client hospitality:

  • Create a VIP experience by tuning in to clients' needs — handling and resolving their queries, issues, and suggestions in a timely and professional manner — and showing initiative and drive when dealing with their requests.
  • Continuously think of creative ways to deliver an exceptional client experience.

Liaising and collaborating:

  • Facilitate communication between internal teams regarding client needs.
  • Collaborate with other teams to develop goals and strategies for retaining clients, and improving client satisfaction based on client feedback.


  • Monitor client-EA partnership health, intervening when there are performance/ quality issues
  • Keeping accurate correspondence records on AirTable.

About You

  • You have solid experience in client-facing leadership roles in the outsourcing industry (in a B2B environment).
  • You are an excellent communicator.
  • You are a leader.
  • You are solutions-oriented.
  • You have a continuous improvement mindset.
  • You love the remote-first culture we're building.
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