Brand & Performance Marketing Manager

( )  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail


Online (remote), part-time, unpaid (non-profit)

Duration: minimum 12 months.

About the Job

As the Brand & Performance Marketing Manager, you will lead a team of 2-3 marketing specialists, overseeing all branding and performance campaigns at G-college. You will train and supervise your team to execute all marketing activities, mainly on social media platforms, to generate organic demand and growth for the assigned Business Unit. G-college currently has 3 key Business Units: G-college Singapore, G-college Young Scholars and G-college Global Careers.

The Marketing Manager reports directly to the Head of Marketing.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Leadership: Lead a team of 2-3 marketing specialists to build a holistic and comprehensive campaign plan for the assigned Business Unit.
  • Brand & content marketing: have a solid understanding of G-college’s brand identity & marketing strategy, thereby creating campaign plans with compelling story-telling and relevant content for the audience. The goal is to increase awareness and customer engagement for G-college overall and the assigned Business Unit.
  • Performance marketing: understand business needs and priorities, thereby creating effective performance campaigns that target the right student groups and promote the registrations for G-college’s programs.
  • Training: conduct on-the-job knowledge sharing to ensure all team members are equipped with marketing skills adequately to fulfill their jobs
  • Team engagement: work closely with Head of Marketing to ensure high satisfaction level among marketing team members


  • Hunger to learn and to contribute back to society
  • Genuine interest in education, coaching, and personal development
  • Final year in University or currently pursuing a Master degree, or having 1-2 years of working experience in marketing (including internships and extracurricular activities)
  • Strategic thinking, entrepreneurial mindset coupled with a hands-on, can-do attitude
  • Leadership - ability to lead a small team of 2-3 people effectively in a digital setting
  • Teamwork & communication - ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with large groups of audiences in a digital setting 
  • Excellent time and priority management skills


G-college is a non-profit organization hence neither salaries nor allowance will be offered. However, we do have bi-annual team bonding and tokens of appreciation (besides certificates) for all team members. You will also receive recommendation letters directly from G-college Founder / CEO for your career advancement if necessary.

Joining G-college you are a part of an international and talented network of high-caliber individuals from all parts of the world: Singapore, Japan, England, Europe, Vietnam (various cities). Most importantly, your work opens infinite learning opportunities to Vietnamese students, making real differences in their lives.

About G-college

G-college is a non-profit organization that inspires, empowers, and enables Vietnamese students to enroll in top-notch universities and corporations overseas.

G-college comprises of 3 business pillars: G-college Singapore (founder in 2015, for senior high students pursuing tertiary education in Singapore), G-college Young Scholars (founded in 2020, for junior high students & parents pursuing overseas education), and G-college Global Careers (founded in 2021, for university students looking for overseas working opportunities).

Since 2015, G-college successfully expanded from just an offline class in one city to virtual classes across Vietnam and Singapore, to a widespread network of students and mentors all over Asia and Europe (Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdoms, etc).

Our mission is to empower Vietnamese youths via education, and our 2025 vision is to become the institution of choice specialized in training and upskilling for overseas education.

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