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Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

High Level:

We are looking for a 3D animator capable of producing polished loops and expressive animations for human and animal characters that live in a vibrant stylized world. The position also likely includes rigging and authoring animation for all manner of props and machinery and interactions. Our ideal candidate has experience working in Unity and with Unity animation controllers, and the ability to work with or edit 3DS Max files (3DS Max not a requirement). Most important though is strong animation skills.

Main Duties:

  • Author animations for existing rigged and potentially unrigged (usually this would just be objects) 3D assets, especially for human avatars and a very large variety of animal species.
  • Design and author animations for various inanimate objects, or for characters based on specific requests and requirements.
  • Set up animations in Unity with organized files and defined clips.
  • Skinning new clothing assets for avatars and other skin + clothing related tasks.
  • Eventually implement animations in animation controllers on prefabs in Unity.


  • Must be proficient at rigging and basic generalist 3D work inside Maya, 3DS Max, or Blender.
  • Must have strong 3D animation skills and the ability to author animations that gel with an existing polished style for human and animal characters.
  • Must work well independently as a part of a remote team, communicate effectively, and respond well to requests and feedback.

Desirable Bonus Abilities:

  • Experience with Unity, especially with creating animation controllers but also general prefab, game object, and component editing is highly desired.
  • Additional 3D authoring ability is welcome, as are any 2D or 3D art skills especially with stylized assets.
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