[100% Remote] Senior Software Engineer

Bold Business
Bold Business
( IT / Development )
asiaremotejobs.com  Remote (Asia | APAC Time Zone Permitted)

Job Type : Full-Time
Experience : 3 to 5 years
Education : Bachelor Degree

Job Detail

We are looking to hire a passionate Engineer with 5+ years experience, who likes to ship code across the entire stack. Our team is composed of generalists with affinities for product areas. Delivering software at a fast, but sustainable cadence must be balanced with long term systems planning. Learning to navigate these trade-offs is the essence of the engineering team's work.

We minimize meetings and our roles are flexible. Someone nominally in charge of product development might end up helping support a customer before lunch and rebooting a server after.


  • Identify customer pain points and suggest product improvements
  • Conduct code reviews and pair program on Zoom

Why We Think This Job Is Great

  • It’s a remote full-time, 100% remote position where you’ll work from home
  • You’ll work with US based fully remote company that’s venture backed by great investors
  • You’ll have clear goals and the training resources you need to deliver. How you execute and deliver is up to you


  • 5+ years experience building web apps
  • Basic linux system administration experience
  • Experience writing code. We want to hear about projects and tech that you’re interested in
  • You enjoy writing code with a team
  • Experience with Django and React

About Us

Bold Business is a remote-first, global outsourced-solutions company with over $7B in service solutions over the past 25 years. Our international team helps the world’s leading companies transform their ideas into bold impacts. From Fortune 500 organizations looking to reduce operational costs by 40%-60% to fast-growth startups looking to scale, we work behind the scenes and empower companies to do more for less.

If you like to move fast and have a bias for action, you’ll fit right into our fast-paced, results-based environment. We’re a 100% remote/virtual team environment where you can work from wherever you are.

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